Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drawn on Chatroulette

So I decided in order to do my part to make Chatroulette a little less creepy, I'd start asking people if they'd want me to draw them.

OK. So... that in and of itself still sounds creepy.

But it's not. Most people that stay connected with your cam long enough for you to run the idea by them say yes.

Well that was two nights ago. I started another blog, Drawn On Chatroulette, and I've been archiving the cartoons I draw of people. Like this one:
Then, earlier today, I just started having people prompt me on what to draw. One such result was this:
i.e. the world's best interpretation of Spongebob Squarepants ever. I find Spongebob annoying and thus boring. German girl wanted me to draw Spongebob. I obliged and made it more entertaining for myself by making him slightly mortifying. I want to clean it up and color it at some point.

So yeah, anyway. Got another blog running. Again, it's Drawn on Chatroulette. Be on the lookout for me if you venture on Chatroulette itself!

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