Monday, June 28, 2010

Gold Digger Swimsuit #19

So two months later, I haven't drawn a whole lot that isn't either A) Bonnie Lass-related (and therefor available on one or more of the Bonnie Lass hubs I've got running online, if I decided to share it at all), or B) something I probably can't or shouldn't show off just yet for non-disclosure purposes.

So since most of what I've been drawing falls into those categories, I haven't had too much leisurely-creative time, and therefor, I've slumped on sharing the few www-ready works I have done recently.

Actually, I've apparently lied. Most of what I've taken the time to share online (that's not Bonnie-related) has been sketches not much more than polished sketches for the most part lately, but they're there. I'm too lazy to backtrack and put them all on here individually (at least right now) so for the time being you can just check 'em out on my deviantART gallery...

As for the title of the post, I apparently made it into the pages of Antarctic Press' Gold Digger Swimsuit #19! Only found out today when two copies of the book showed up in the mail. That's got to be the most official way to inform somebody they've been published. Just show 'em.

On a related note, I'm working on a project for Bluewater Productions right now. Just got character designs approved, so over the next couple of months I'll be doing my best to crank out 32 pages from pencil to digital colors! It's two of their existing properties, and that's all I'll say for now. Pretty cool that they're giving me as much freedom with them as they are, though! I'll see if I can post a preview sometime further along in the production...!

That's all for now!