Michael Mayne
Artist / Writer
Comic Books, Children's Books, Character Design, Graphic Design, Game Assets

Traditional Tools
Strathmore Bristol (Vellum), Sakura Pigma Microns, standard HB pencils
Digital Tools
Manga Studio EX4, Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2

Originally from Russell, KY, Michael's current base of operations is in Portsmouth, OH. He has been freelancing his self-taught art skills consistently since around 2004, but has technically been entrepreneuring since he was in grade school, running increasingly successful face painting booths at local fairs and company events.

After high school he took to illustrating a number of children's books for small presses. During his student career at Shawnee State University, Michael also dabbled in graphic design, ultimately earning a bachelor's degree in the field. Shortly before graduating, Michael rediscovered comic books and began pursuing interests there.

Michael is the creator, co-writer, and artist on the comic series Bonnie Lass, published through Red 5 Comics. The first four-issue mini-series was published in 2010/2011, and work is currently underway on the second volume. He has also contributed pinups and sequentials to other independent titles, including Gold Digger, Massively Effective, and Tales from the Badlands #2, among others. He also is the current artist on serialized strips Possessed and For My Own Good, both written by Bryan Burke.

Free time is increasingly rare these days, between projects, teaching classes as an adjunct instructor at Shawnee State University, and appearing at conventions, but when he can catch it, Michael likes to spend it watching movies, reading, and hitting the town for karaoke with friends.

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