Commission Info

 Please read through this page, then feel free to email me at k.michael.mayne [at] gmail [dot] com with any inquiries! It may seem like a lot, but it's really not, and most of it will get brought up anyway, so let's get it out of the way now so your commission can be turned around much quicker! =)

These prices are for personal/non-commercial pieces only. Commercial/promotional projects are priced on a case by case basis, so there's not really a rubric for them.

Any reference material you can link to is crucial. Screenshots, official art, previous commissions/fanart... Try to limit image references to three, but make sure they're clear.

Be as specific as possible in your initial order for the commission. If I have all the necessary details up front, I can work at a much faster pace. To make things easier for all parties involved:
•a bulleted

...of all the specifics you want to include in the drawing.

Also, don't send me an expansive character biography/backstory/prose/etc. Just the concise details I'll need for the commission.

I assume that the reason you are commissioning me is that you have taken a liking to my existing works and the styles therein, and I thank you ahead of time for that. As such, expect me to take a few creative liberties, largely regarding a contrast in style to the established look of a character (in the case of fanart). It allows me to have more fun and turn out a better quality piece if I feel like I'm not simply replicating another artist's style bit by bit.

Prices shown are in USD. They are typical, but not absolute. After you've made clear what you want, only then can I give you an exact price quote.

Though the price guide may be centered around character pieces, we can easily determine a price on something like a traditional caricature or even something more abstract by thinking relatively. If it can be drawn, I can come up with a reasonable price for it! =)

Character/Vehicle/Prop DESIGN

Before doing a full commission, I need a reference of the character(s)/subject(s). If you do not already have a solid design, I can do that for you at a rate.

$25 per sheet of design sketches
(These are rough sketches that hammer out the details which you have described to me. One sheet per subject should be enough if your initial description is clear. Having a bevy of design sketches to work from will help the actual commission go a lot smoother.)

And remember, these are for personal commissions. Commercial rates and services can be discussed at length in email.

NOTE: If you make changes after the sketching phase, you will be charged accordingly.
Also, Pencil Sketches and Clean Lines only get 1 modest edit. It's free, but it's only one. You get an additional edit "token" if your commission is being colored.

†Characters/subjects that are highly detailed as part of their design require extra time and attention to render. Because of this, the base price may increase by about 25% on technical things like mecha and vehicles, or just ornately designed characters. 

Line art pieces have one checkpoint: You get to proof it after I'm done, before I send you the high res file.
Colored pieces get two checkpoints: One after I finish the lines, the other after the colors are done and before I send the high res file.

If paying through Paypal...
≤$50 commissions : all up front
>$50 commissions : half up front, half upon completion

If paying by check (US/Canada only)...
≤$150 commissions : all up front
>$150 commissions : half up front, half upon completion

Minimum of $10 orders. That means you can't buy just a single bust/chibi sketch. Sorry.
I begin working when I receive the first payment.

You will receive a 200 dpi PNG file once I have been paid in full. Delivery of the original drawing or a final print is not standard. Please let me know up front if you would like the work mailed to you, and where you are from. In such a case, expect to pay about an additional $10, depending where I am sending it to.


Again, be as specific as you can at the start. If you change details after we've agreed upon a sketch, you may be charged additional, reasonable fees.

I need all the specific information about the image in your FIRST email.
I cannot stress this enough. Because I offer relatively low rates, I need to expedite the process as much as possible. Writing emails can take me a considerable amount of time, especially if a client doesn't think of everything up front and I have to coax the details out of him bit by bit. Please, for your sake and mine, have all the information presented up front; you'll be surprised how fast I'll be able to turn around a piece when I can just start mere hours (or even minutes) after our initial contact! Once you pay up front (or partial down payment), I'll assume I have all the information I need to complete the piece.

In other words, we should be able to get the commission started after about three emails. First, from you telling me what you want; second, from me confirming whether or not I can take on a commission at the time and letting you know exactly how much it would cost (along with how to pay for it) taking into consideration all your requests; and a third email from you confirming that you will pay whatever's due up front, letting me know that I'm cleared to start working as soon as possible. Easy-peasy! On potentially larger commissions, I may charge nominally for excessive emails that delay the start of the commission; on smaller ones, I may just let you know that I can't afford to spend any more time on communication.

What Are You (the Client) Allowed to Do with the Finished Work?
Nothing commercial. If it is of your character that happens to go commercial later, treat my work as fan art; you are not allowed to use the commissioned piece as promotional art (unless you negotiate such rights before that time). Other than that, go nuts. Just make sure there's a credit and link back to me if you upload it online anywhere.

What Am I (the Artist) Allowed to Do with the Finished Work?
Exhibit it in a gallery/portfolio/etc. Sell the original (if you didn't buy it from me). Sell individual reproductions. If the characters are yours, I would ask your permission before including it in any kind of published collection of my work. In that case, I would be crediting YOU alongside it.

Finally, I have the right to refuse any commission. I won't quit in the middle of one due to subject matter; I just won't accept it to begin with. Nailing the taboos down in a list would be a little misleading, so I'll just say that there's no harm in asking. Just don't be too disappointed if I have to turn down your request for a ravaged, naked schoolgirl being bloodily sacrificed to an engorged minotaur from the abyss. Somebody else'll have to work that one up for ya...

Feel free to email me at k.michael.mayne [at] gmail [dot] com with any inquiries!