Wedding Posters

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, commemorative gift for a couple of upcoming newlyweds? Or even for you and your spouse-to-be?

These special, made-to-order posters are created from the ground up to glamorize the bride and groom in a fun, larger-than-life way!

Starting with your specifications, I work with you to create a celebrity air around the starring couple and give them a Hollywood treatment that sets their wedding day apart from rest.

For $1000 the work includes…
  • the Bride and Groom themed however you wish (i.e. romantic pirates, lounge singers, Broadway stars, etc.)
  • Up to three "props" that can help make the poster unique to the couple and/or convey the desired theme
  • a simple background to help further convey the desired theme/setting
  • the title of "the movie" (or play, or what-have-you)
  • the "release date" (wedding date)
  • delivered digitally in one size for you to print on your own

Details beyond what's covered above (more "props"/interaction, detailed background) will cost extra, priced accordingly.

There are three sizes…
  • 11"x17" - cheapest to print, frames are a bit less common
  • 18"x24" - proportioned like a standard movie poster but smaller; easy to find frames; considerably expensive to print
  • 24"x36" - standard poster size found in poster bins, easy to find frames; very expensive to print
If you would like the image in multiple size, let me know up front. Final cost may be affected.
If you would like me to handle the printing to ensure a standard of quality, I can do that. I don't frame them; I merely print them on demand and mail the quality assured prints in a tube. Cost here covers my commute to the print shop, the cost of their services, packaging and standard USPS shipping of your order, and convenience.
  • Add $50 for Printing and Shipping of the 11"x17" format.
  • Add $80 for Printing and Shipping of either the 18"x24" or 24"x36" formats.
  • Additional prints are charged At Cost. Premium Shipping and Handling via UPS can also be purchased.

As far as what I need to get started…
  • Reference photos of the couple, plus of any of the particular "props" or other specific elements that should be included in the illustration (a few, full-length or waist-up photos and several headshots at different angles or optimal—variety and clarity are key) Please send these as a link to an online album or a single, downloadable archive of all the photos in one folder, for ease of reference later.
  • a decided "title" for the poster
  • the date of the wedding
  • the "theme" of the poster (basically, just briefly tell me about what the couple enjoys together and/or what kind of romantic genre you'd like to see them in)
  • notes on hair and eye color, in case they're not definitively discernible from the photos
  • any additional notes regarding things like suggested color schemes or any other information that might help inform my design choices
  • Down payment of at least half of the total proposed cost

Paypal is the preferred method. Through Paypal you can use major credit cards as well.
I request half payment up front, after we've discussed the details and before I begin work. The remaining balance is billed after you have approved a preview of the finished piece. Sending of the final file(s) and preparation of any printing and shipping happens after the entire payment is made.
If you must pay by check, then I request that you pay for everything upfront. I will begin work once I receive and deposit the check.

Please allow several weeks to complete the work, plus any time to print and ship. Ideally, I'll need about a month ahead of the desired delivery date to ensure I can fit it into my schedule.
Send all inquiries to with the subject "Wedding Poster."
Thanks! Hope to hear from you!

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